Metropolis is a member of 'Arkitektbedriftene', an organisation that contributes to uphold a qualified and competitive industry. We follow a recommended process from 'Arkitektbedriftene'; we map, analyse, define and conclude. 

We look at the architecture from inside out and combine form with function, we put the person in the centre of the design.


1. Initiation

We establish the projects terms with the client.

2. Analysis

We do an initial site visit to analyse the clients and the projects needs.     

3. Initial Concept  

We map out the spatial layouts, do necessary layout changes and start developing an interior concept. 

4. Concept development

Sketches, plans and interior concepts are further developed into final plans and schematic drawings. We specify all interior and/or exterior surfaces, interior finishes, furniture and lighting.

5. Completion

We assist on site to make sure the quality of craftsmanship matches our vision. We adjust and update drawings throughout the project, follow up on deliveries, do a final site snagging and quality control prior to final installation. 



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